Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Bullying and My Predictive Abilities — New York at Risk

If there is anyone who started with me when I made my first post in July, 2002 you will know that one topic that has come up repeatedly is my watch on the movement to have some state enact an anti-bullying law. It is much easier now than in the early days, because of  Professor David Yamada's Minding the Workplace Blog, which covers those developments regularly.

In addition to being a tenured professor and Director of the New Workplace Institute at Suffolk University School of Law in Boston, he is also the author of the model Healthy Workplace Act, which has been the basis for most of the bills which have been introduced in various legislatures (23 states according to the Healthy Workplace Campaign website).

The first was just 10 years ago.  Already in 2013, there have been eight states where some version has been introduced. Professor Yamada has an update in this post, Healthy Workplace Bill: March 2013 update.

In that article David notes that he and I have had a cordial disagreement over the years over the need for this legislation, as he also notes my recent sigh that I was becoming resigned to some state adopting such a cause of action much quicker than I would have ever thought when I first posted on the topic in January 2003.

Hopefully, that prediction will turn out as accurate as my March Madness brackets do, the latest versions of which are less than 72 hours from demolishment.

But, if I were to go even further out on a limb and predict which state, New York would not be a bad prediction. Why? Well because on May 12, 2010, the New York Senate became the first house of any state legislative body to pass anti-bullying legislation which would create a private cause of action. Anti-Bullying Legislation Passes NY Senate. The bill did not pass the Assembly and so died at the end of the legislative session.

However, new legislative session and in the 150 member Assembly, AB 4965 was introduced on February 13th, with 74 sponsors. (Do the math, it is not pretty for opponents.) The companion bill S3863 was introduced in the Senate on February 25.

If you happen to live or do business in New York, you might check out some of the reasons why I think this legislation is so dangerous, see Bullying As a Cause of Action — One Large Step Closer.

And if you agree, please send a copy to your Senator or Assemblyman.


Stipulating Your Way Out of Federal Court

In certain parts of Texas, it is not uncommon for plaintiffs to stipulate that they will not demand or accept an amount in excess of $74,999.99 in order to avoid the amount in controversy requirement when the grounds for removal is diversity.

It works, and yesterday was explicitly sanctioned by the U.S. Supreme Court in The Standard Fire Insurance Co. Knowles (3/20/13):
Knowles also points out that federal courts permit individual plaintiffs, who are the masters of their complaints, to avoid removal to federal court, and to obtain a remand to state court, by stipulating to amounts at issue that fall below the federal jurisdictional requirement. That is so.  ... But the key characteristic about those stipulations is that they are legally binding on all plaintiffs.
But that was really not the point of the holding, just an explanation along the way to the real holding of the Court in Knowles: a plaintiff filing a Rule 23 class action, can not avoid federal jurisdiction by stipulating to an amount in controversy less than the $5 million threshold for removal under the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005,  CAFA for short.

In a straight forward and unaminous decision, Justice Breyer makes a simple point. In order to avoid federal court the stipulation must be binding and no one has the power to bind future members of a class at the time of filing.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Expand Your Legal Skills With a Competent Lawyer Website

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Reasons To Employ A Bankruptcy Lawyer Or Attorney?

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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Most IT Assets or Pc Instrumentation Will Cause Environmental Risks

Because of legislation that impacts the disposal of older, out-dated network and knowledge centre assets, it's become a reason that a lot of executives area unit asking "why ought to I take into account IT quality recovery?" Since most business organizations haven't got the required resources to hold out disposal of this instrumentation in an exceedingly reliable and secure manner, they're considering IT quality recovery services. These will check that that vital knowledge is disposed of during a exceedingly secure manner and your instrumentation is disposed of in an environmentally correct method. Most IT assets or pc instrumentation will cause environmental risks and cause legal liability problems, if not disposed of properly. The accountable utilization of electronic scrap, additionally called escarp, involves dismantlement, cathode-ray tube glass separation, shredding, final sorting, goods sales and news. It’s turning into progressively regulated and tougher to be in compliance with correct disposal and documentation of out-dated IT assets. Many firms area unit hiring IT quality recovery firms to handle all of the red-tape problems concerned, once change their pc networks, transferring vital knowledge and taking away the previous instrumentation. These firms will handle the vertical combination of disposal from pickup through utilization and management the chain of custody to assist scale back liability risks. Information has to bear quality recovery provision, tracking, check and audit, knowledge erasure and destruction, as a part of the IT quality recovery, to manage the retired assets expeditiously and firmly. It takes a large vary of services in IT quality recovery to make sure that you just area unit in compliance and also the knowledge contained on the previous instrumentation is secured and erased for security reasons. Even if a number of the previous IT quality instrumentation are often resold, you continue to ought to be assured that your confidential knowledge cannot be retrieved, particularly within the case wherever you have got business transactions that contain confidential or money data. Eliminating previous and out-dated network instrumentation is a lot of difficult than simply throwing it in an exceedingly container or deleting files and worksheets. as a result of the information is burned onto the disk drive of computers, it's attainable for an individual to retrieve knowledge that you just thought had been deleted. Some arduous drives create a backup copy of knowledge, even once the drive has been cleaned and reformatted. That’s however enforcement is ready to retrieve antecedently deleted data on criminal computers. IT quality recovery firms shrewdness to securely dispose or transfer the information and area unit subject to rigorous laws on compliance for data erasure and proper disposal or utilization of the instrumentation. the most effective associated most value economical method for many businesses is to rent the services of an IT quality recovery company, once upgrading their system, or taking away noncurrent network assets. Because the legal ramifications on compromised knowledge are often extreme and compliance on environmental laws carry stiff penalties, the foremost assured and competent thanks to lose IT quality’s is through a good IT asset recovery firm. they're going to handle all of the required following to take care you're in compliance which you'll be able to rest assured that your direction is unbroken secure. by Jeffrey Paine Attorney

Friday, 1 March 2013

Workers Compensations-An Outline of What You Should Know

Majority of people assume once they get injured while at work, they will be adequately covered by workers compensation. It is the general assumption medical bills will be covered and during the recuperation process, wages will get paid. Assumption is not a smart choice. Workers compensation is administered and paid by insurance companies and they always try to make things complicated. Consequently, having workers compensation does not guarantee that you will get paid for injuries that occur while on the job. In essence, this type of compensation was designed to reduce lawsuits between you and your boss. Workers compensation is designed to eliminate stress and conflict. In a nutshell, it is an uncomplicated and quick way of ensuring you get your wages and an assurance that medical bills will be covered. Rather than filing a lawsuit because injuries sustained during work, you start by filing for a claim with your workers compensation insurer. The insurer is supposed to carry out an investigation to determine you got injured while at work. Get a Lawyers Help Since you are dealing with an insurance company that serves the interests of the employer, you should speak with your attorney. For short absence from work and minor injuries, no major concerns arise. However, there are instances when the injuries might be severe necessitating longer absences from work. More often than not, this complicates things. Benefits for those Covered The benefits of workers compensation are pretty obvious. Those covered get wage replacement and medical expenses are covered. The work of the insurer is to protect the employer in order to prevent the possibility of a lawsuit. Fault is never an issue in this case and the coverage is effective it is established that: 1. You were injured while working for the employer 2. The relationship between you and the employer is existent. The employer is the person who hires, pays wages, withholds taxes, and dictates the time, place and manner in which duties are supposed to be performed. An employee is the one who collects wages and carries out duties in accordance to employer dictation and specified time. Therefore, self employed and independent contractors do not fall in the category of employer-employee relationships. For the workers compensation to be effected, where and the time you got the injury must be established. For instance, if you were working past the set work hours and you were not doing any work related task compensation is not offered. Majority of workers compensation policies requires a report of the activities preceding the injury. To be on the safe side and ensure you get fair representation, always consult with an attorney. by Gaurav Singh