Saturday, 29 December 2012

Maximizing Profits When Flipping Properties

If you know what you are doing, are somewhat handy at home improvements and plan ahead, it's possible to make a fairly tidy sum flipping properties. One of the best ways to do this is by rehabbing houses in need of some renovations or repairs. Start With Government Agencies The absolutely best deals when it comes to suitable candidates for flipping properties are homes that have been repossessed from drug dealers. Shocking? Perhaps. Because of their very nature, these are not the most desirable properties to the public at large, in part because of their location - but mainly because these properties often require a lot of rehabbing. properties [] like crack houses and former meth labs have seen a lot of abuse and wear and can be had for a song. This is one of those house flipping tips [] that are best for those who are skilled at home construction and remodeling and have a ready discount hardware supply [] source - because you'll be putting a lot of work into it. However, when it comes to sheer profit margin, such a property can be an ideal candidate for flipping properties. Check Realty Listings Granted, rehabbing houses that have been used by drug dealers is not for everyone - particularly the faint-of-heart or the unskilled. However, it is possible to find opportunities among foreclosures and estate sales; rehabbing properties like these is likely to require less in the way of work and materials, although you'll still want to rely on a good discount hardware supply outlet if you don't want to spend all your profits on the latter. More House Flipping Tips Although real estate auctions are certainly a source of suitable properties, we don't recommend them. The problem is that even when it comes to damaged homes in need of extensive rehabbing, properties like this are likely to generate a lot of interest - and competition when it comes to bidding. One of the most important house flipping tips is to be aware of any laws that may restrict you from turning around and selling the house right away. For those rehabbing houses in need of repair, this is probably not going to be an issue, but you should consult a local real estate attorney just in case. Go For It Flipping properties is a great way to get very wealthy in a reasonably short period of time for those who are handy, smart, and willing to learn and do some advance planning. Just don't run into it full bore - take your time, do your due diligence, take deliberate steps and hand realistic expectations - and you, to can experience succes at flipping properties. by Wayne Hemrick

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Forex Megadroid - Is it Really the Best 2010 Forex Trading Software ?

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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Criminal Defense Attorney Orange County

I've never been a criminal but I always thought that if I broke the law and committed some heavy crimes, what kind of criminal defense attorney Orange County would I get. Watching T.V gives us a stereotype of Attorneys that handle criminal defense. They always seem to be a little shady of character. I mean lets face it, a criminal defense Attorney, defends criminals. This kind of lawyer defends clients who are sex offenders, those who commit sex crimes. In my mind those are the worse kind of clients to have. Criminal defense Attorney Orange County are also usually big money Attorneys. Orange County is a wealthy area. The county contains lots of people who suffer charges for sex crimes, domestic violence, DUI cases not to mention all the other crimes you can be charged with. Crimes result in money for criminal defense Attorneys. The charges incurred by these clients are astounding. I don't know how they can even come up with the money to pay these Attorneys, although I have heard that in order to pay these exorbitant charges, those being being defended have to sell they homes and everything they own. The way I see it, it's a crime the charge these ridiculous rates. Criminal defense Attorneys understand that they can charge these rates because people will pay them. I guess the best way out of paying these fees is not to commit a crime or search for Criminal defense Attorney Orange County California is a breeding spot for criminal defense Attorneys, especially in Orange County. Besides being a high income area, there is one city in particular, Santa Ana, that is low income. Many crimes of all types are committed there. Domestic violence is high on the list of crimes committed. They also service a lot of DUI cases. I'm not sure about the sex crimes, but in my opinion, most of the county criminal population resides in Santa Ana, Orange County, California. I would have to drive through Santa Ana quite often and every time I did I wondered what crime would be committed on me today. Luckily, I never had to hire an attorney to prosecute any criminal and I hope I never end of needing a criminal defense Attorney Orange County. One time I remember logging onto the internet and checking out how many Attorneys handle criminal defense. There were pages and pages of lawyers defending criminals. When I saw that, I wondered what kind of lawyer would defend a criminal. Who would want to defend clients who blatantly break the law? Now, I can almost understand defending a person with a DUI, but defending a clients who commit sex crimes is beyond me. Do these lawyers not have any moral fortitude? I would have a difficult time with that. My problem is that I've already convicted most of the people charged with these kind of crimes before they are even tried. I'm amazed when I see how many family members of these criminals support them. If one of my family committed a sex crime or domestic violence, I would hope they go to jail for many many years. I would not support them with the charges filed against them. In most criminal cases, if you are associated with the crime, then you are probably somehow connected with the crime. I know that sounds closed minded but if you don't want to be charged with a crime don't associate with criminals and stay away from the possibilities of committing one. by Wendell Demont

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Michigan As a Right to Work State - Random Thoughts

First, somewhat as an aside, the news coverage of this issue reminds me that any time I follow an issue that is covered by the media and falls into an area where I have my own expertise, I always come away with one thought - yikes.  And then I quickly remind myself, I need to apply more skepticism to other things that the talking heads say in areas where I don't have any particular expertise.

More relevant to the topic of this blog, it would be hard to view this as anything other than a cataclysmic event for organized labor.  Unions in the private sector have been on a well documented slide for most of the time I have been practicing law, which goes back to 1975.  But suffering a loss in a state that because of the UAW and the car industry is probably most identified as a "union" state on what has always been one of labor's most, if not the most,  important issues, right to work, is a message of pending doom of a different magnitude.

The challenge for unions to re-define their message, or maybe more importantly, their mission, which has been obvious for a long time, seems like it has a much shorter time line than ever before.

Although I tend to view this from my background as lawyer who has been involved in labor and employment matters (and clearly much more employment than labor), one of the things that seems to be true is that in many ways, rather than a fight over the merits or non-merits of union representation and whether it should be encouraged or not, the underlying bigger challenge is being made because of union's role as a major force, particularly in the "ground game" of the Democratic party.

Finally, for though those who view union's decline as a good thing, I would remind of the rule of unintended consequences. Which by definition means, one never knows what is going to happen when there are such big structural changes.

Just as an example, on Morning Joe yesterday, Joe Scarborough voiced support for a concept that would surely be anathema to employers (although a real boon to my profession), member only bargaining. When some one pointed out that the union's argument against right to work was the "free rider" argument, where in a right to work state employees in a union facility get the benefits of the union's bargaining efforts without having to pay for them, he said why not let the union negotiate for it's members and they get the pay raises, and those who don't want to be members, don't. 

Although I doubt that Joe Scarborough and Charlie Morris, the former SMU labor law professor, have much in common, there could not have been a much better endorsement for Professor Morris' concept he has been pushing for some time now. See Thinking About a Different World Under the NLRA and A "New Spring" in Labor and Employment Law?

And you know that at least some on labor's side may also beginning to think how that or other different approaches might be used to frame a new argument

It will be some time before we know how this all plays out, but for those rejoicing about this latest development and what it seems to imply about organized labor's future, I am reminded of the trite but true statement, be careful what you ask for.

A Month in Absentia and Going Forward

Not that I am sure anyone cares, but for those who do come by to check, the month of November marks the first time in 10 years I believe I have gone an entire time without posting.

It has been a busy month, with an extended arbitration, a vacation trip and a personal move into a closer in neighborhood. Where, probably unfortunately for my waist-line, there are no less than 10 eating establishments within a 10 minute walk of our new house. And if I am willing to walk 20 minutes, the choices are even much greater! Hopefully the walking will offset some of the eating!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

How to Choose a DUI Lawyer Los Angeles

I had a friend come to me one time and ask me how to choose a DUI Lawyer Los Angeles. Immediately, I think, why? Although, I'm smart enough to assume why. Of course, I told him I've never had a DUI and have never needed a defense attorney but we could figure this out together. I Googled, "DUI lawyer Los Angeles" and came up with million defense attorneys in Los Angeles County. Drunk driving is an epidemic in Los Angeles as well as in Orange County. Police Departments in both of the counties are stretched thin trying to deal with all the legal matters that result from drunk driving. The court houses are filled with case after case after case. I think it might be as a result that the average Los Angeles County DUI attorney is too good at what they do. Drunk drivers are getting away with too much. The California DUI Drunk Driving laws need to be revisited. I can't honestly say that it's the the Defense Attorney that's at fault. They are doing what they get paid to do. Criminal defense is what they do. If the laws make it easy to get off, then the laws should be changed. DUI Defense is a specialty in itself. Many law firms focus mainly on drunk driving defense. Is it the laws or is it the abundance of alcohol? There are so many questions to ask and so many roads one can travel in discussing this issue. Everyone wants to put blame on someone else, including me, but something has to be done. Being an Attorney in Los Angeles or Orange County means handling drunk driving cases. It's a matter of supply and demand. There is an overabundant supply of drunk driver's. I had a close friend who upon recently graduating from law school went directly into defending drunk driving cases and this was in Los Angeles County. I asked him why he chose to become a DUI Lawyer. His reply was that drunk drivers made it possible for young attorneys out of law school to find immediate employment. Of all the people that require criminal defense, drunk drivers fill the need. So, returning to my original discussion on finding a DUI Attorney Los Angeles, after reviewing the list from our internet search, we were overwhelmed with the immensity of Attorneys specializing in the criminal defense of drunk drivers. We began by sorting the attorneys out by County, Los Angeles and Orange County since my friend lived close to both counties. That still left us with a zillion law firms to decide upon. We narrowed the defense attorney list down to a half hour driving distance. That narrowed the list even more. Then I got the bright idea of calling the local police department to see if they had any suggestions. We came away with few results there. The best way, we decided to locate a good DUI lawyer Los Angeles was to call a law firm and start interviewing. Most people, when calling a law firm for the first time think the lawyers are interviewing you but in reality you should be interviewing the law firm. It's your legal defense. You should be getting the best legal attorney that fits what you want accomplished. To this day, I can't remember who my friend chose or what happened to his drunk driving case. by Wendell Demont

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Attorneys in Las Vegas Are Any Different From Henderson Lawyers

I have wondered at times whether attorneys in Las Vegas are any different from Henderson Lawyers. Does it really matter from whence your Attorney comes as long as the attorney is qualified and dedicated his or her profession. I looked up Henderson Lawyers on the internet and found myriads of attorneys. They are as countless as the stars in the heavens. Just in my own family, there exist quite a few attorneys. For the most part, there are intelligent human beings dedicated to their specialties of the profession. In fact, many of the law offices you'll find either specialize in a specific kind of law or the several attorneys in that office have a specialty or expertise. A brother in law who practices in Henderson was fairly new to the profession when we had an interesting experience. As a new lawyer, fresh out of law school, he decided to specialize in family law focusing on estates and wills. One day he was called out of the blue by a gentleman who was referred to him by another associate. This particular gentleman was a specialized veterinarian who focused on the care of race horses. The bottom line is that our Immigration Department wanted to deport this man primarily because he was taking up an available specialized position that should be afforded natural born citizens first. I know, it sounds really inane but it's true. My attorney brother in law explained to the man that he was just a simple Attorney from town. There were many more Henderson Attorneys much more qualified in immigration law than he was. But the man insisted that because my brother in law came highly recommended that he take the case. He did. As many lawyers do, the first thing my brother in law did was write a letter to the judge who was presiding over the deportation case. Evidently, immigration law disallows for foreigners to take over skilled professions unless there are no other natural born citizens trained and able to fulfill those specialties. I'm just surmising the law. My explanation does not do the law justice, but it covers my point. Amazingly, the presiding Judge was so taken by my brother in law's letter that he personally called him and commended his logical defense of the man in need. In fact, the Judge published the letter in one of the highly respected law journals. A retired attorney from Washington D.C. read the article and was so impressed that he called my brother in law and asked him to tour the country with him and a panel of expert attorneys he was putting together. During this tour, the attorney wanted my brother in law to speak on immigration law. My brother in law was super flattered that he would be offered such a respected position, but the Attorney had assumed that he was an expert in the field when in reality he was just one of the newly graduated Henderson lawyers. He thanked the attorney for his kindness and respect but had to confess that he knew nothing about immigration law, that his quick rise in notoriety was just a fluke. Although, it was a fluke it was a highlight in my brother in law's early legal career. He went back to doing what he did with estate law. Once he did branch out and handled a few accidents but he's always been thankful to be included as one of the qualified Henderson Lawyers. by Wendell Demont