Saturday, 1 December 2012

Attorneys in Las Vegas Are Any Different From Henderson Lawyers

I have wondered at times whether attorneys in Las Vegas are any different from Henderson Lawyers. Does it really matter from whence your Attorney comes as long as the attorney is qualified and dedicated his or her profession. I looked up Henderson Lawyers on the internet and found myriads of attorneys. They are as countless as the stars in the heavens. Just in my own family, there exist quite a few attorneys. For the most part, there are intelligent human beings dedicated to their specialties of the profession. In fact, many of the law offices you'll find either specialize in a specific kind of law or the several attorneys in that office have a specialty or expertise. A brother in law who practices in Henderson was fairly new to the profession when we had an interesting experience. As a new lawyer, fresh out of law school, he decided to specialize in family law focusing on estates and wills. One day he was called out of the blue by a gentleman who was referred to him by another associate. This particular gentleman was a specialized veterinarian who focused on the care of race horses. The bottom line is that our Immigration Department wanted to deport this man primarily because he was taking up an available specialized position that should be afforded natural born citizens first. I know, it sounds really inane but it's true. My attorney brother in law explained to the man that he was just a simple Attorney from town. There were many more Henderson Attorneys much more qualified in immigration law than he was. But the man insisted that because my brother in law came highly recommended that he take the case. He did. As many lawyers do, the first thing my brother in law did was write a letter to the judge who was presiding over the deportation case. Evidently, immigration law disallows for foreigners to take over skilled professions unless there are no other natural born citizens trained and able to fulfill those specialties. I'm just surmising the law. My explanation does not do the law justice, but it covers my point. Amazingly, the presiding Judge was so taken by my brother in law's letter that he personally called him and commended his logical defense of the man in need. In fact, the Judge published the letter in one of the highly respected law journals. A retired attorney from Washington D.C. read the article and was so impressed that he called my brother in law and asked him to tour the country with him and a panel of expert attorneys he was putting together. During this tour, the attorney wanted my brother in law to speak on immigration law. My brother in law was super flattered that he would be offered such a respected position, but the Attorney had assumed that he was an expert in the field when in reality he was just one of the newly graduated Henderson lawyers. He thanked the attorney for his kindness and respect but had to confess that he knew nothing about immigration law, that his quick rise in notoriety was just a fluke. Although, it was a fluke it was a highlight in my brother in law's early legal career. He went back to doing what he did with estate law. Once he did branch out and handled a few accidents but he's always been thankful to be included as one of the qualified Henderson Lawyers. by Wendell Demont

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