Saturday, 15 December 2012

Criminal Defense Attorney Orange County

I've never been a criminal but I always thought that if I broke the law and committed some heavy crimes, what kind of criminal defense attorney Orange County would I get. Watching T.V gives us a stereotype of Attorneys that handle criminal defense. They always seem to be a little shady of character. I mean lets face it, a criminal defense Attorney, defends criminals. This kind of lawyer defends clients who are sex offenders, those who commit sex crimes. In my mind those are the worse kind of clients to have. Criminal defense Attorney Orange County are also usually big money Attorneys. Orange County is a wealthy area. The county contains lots of people who suffer charges for sex crimes, domestic violence, DUI cases not to mention all the other crimes you can be charged with. Crimes result in money for criminal defense Attorneys. The charges incurred by these clients are astounding. I don't know how they can even come up with the money to pay these Attorneys, although I have heard that in order to pay these exorbitant charges, those being being defended have to sell they homes and everything they own. The way I see it, it's a crime the charge these ridiculous rates. Criminal defense Attorneys understand that they can charge these rates because people will pay them. I guess the best way out of paying these fees is not to commit a crime or search for Criminal defense Attorney Orange County California is a breeding spot for criminal defense Attorneys, especially in Orange County. Besides being a high income area, there is one city in particular, Santa Ana, that is low income. Many crimes of all types are committed there. Domestic violence is high on the list of crimes committed. They also service a lot of DUI cases. I'm not sure about the sex crimes, but in my opinion, most of the county criminal population resides in Santa Ana, Orange County, California. I would have to drive through Santa Ana quite often and every time I did I wondered what crime would be committed on me today. Luckily, I never had to hire an attorney to prosecute any criminal and I hope I never end of needing a criminal defense Attorney Orange County. One time I remember logging onto the internet and checking out how many Attorneys handle criminal defense. There were pages and pages of lawyers defending criminals. When I saw that, I wondered what kind of lawyer would defend a criminal. Who would want to defend clients who blatantly break the law? Now, I can almost understand defending a person with a DUI, but defending a clients who commit sex crimes is beyond me. Do these lawyers not have any moral fortitude? I would have a difficult time with that. My problem is that I've already convicted most of the people charged with these kind of crimes before they are even tried. I'm amazed when I see how many family members of these criminals support them. If one of my family committed a sex crime or domestic violence, I would hope they go to jail for many many years. I would not support them with the charges filed against them. In most criminal cases, if you are associated with the crime, then you are probably somehow connected with the crime. I know that sounds closed minded but if you don't want to be charged with a crime don't associate with criminals and stay away from the possibilities of committing one. by Wendell Demont

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