Thursday, 3 April 2003

Freedom of Speech to Complain About Your Termination to Your Best 30,000 Friends At Your Last Place of Work?

Maybe, but can you do it through the company's e-mail? GigaLaw has the story about the ongoing litigation to resolve just that question. Former Intel engineer Ken Hamidi is trying to convince the California Supreme Court that he does. Two lower courts have agreed with Intel's position. How Appealing has a couple of references to the oral argument that was heard yesterday.

Hamidi is not alone as such prestigious groups as the Electronic Frontier Foundation have filed friends of the court briefs. If you are really interested check out their brief [pdf], or for those truly interested go to the website devoted to this case. If nothing else, this should make employers aware of what can await in the way of internet communications when they take on a dedicated and technologically savvy employee.

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