Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth About MLM!

The whole truth and nothing but the truth about MLM! Confucius said: "Sincerity is the highest mark of a man." Be true to yourself and others when you do your MLM business and you will find it is so easy to do because you are doing the right thing. MLM and network marketing is the same, they are just different names and its usage is a matter of preference. I love to use MLM at times because it is a good acronym for Make Life Meaningful, Make Lots of Money and Meet Many Masters! But when you join the wrong company or do it the wrong way it can Make Lives Miserable! MLM is not for everyone. Not everyone wants to be a doctor, pilot or car mechanic. To each his own and certain career requires certain qualifications and characteristics. I watched a documentary show on Warren Buffet and he said the secret to succes is doing what you love. So if you don't love MLM or network marketing, don't do it, do what you love to do! At my training I always emphasized the importance of respecting people's beliefs and not to force MLM on anyone! I cannot go into much depth in this short article so I will get to the gist of it and the facts of this wonderful life-transforming business! MLM like in any other business has its share of black sheep so it is very important to do your due diligence and choose the right company. MLM is a people business and there will be some people who will misrepresent and do the business the wrong way. MLM is a business that requires a fair amount of commitment, time and effort especially in the first two years. If you treat the business like a hobby you will earn "hobby" income but if you treat the business seriously, you will earn serious income. MLM works with many wonderful universal laws such as the law of cause and effect, law of averages, law of multiplication and the law of giving and receiving. To be successful you must look for companies and leaders who embrace these important core values such as Integrity, Great Value, Great Quality, Great Service and Great Relationship! Many people are still ignorant about this wonderful business even after many successful business consultants and marketing gurus highly recommended it. Stephen Covey said: Network marketing has come of age, it's a way to independence for millions. And Robert Kiyosaki said in his book, The Business School for People Who Like Helping People, a revolutionary way to achieve wealth...makes it possible for anyone to acquire open to anyone who has the drive, determination and perseverance. He said "Simply put, a network marketing company, with its low cost of entry and great training program, is an idea whose time has come." MLM to me is a great way to leverage and help people live a better life! It is also a simple, proven and tested system to help ordinary people earn an extraordinary income! It is based on a win-win strategy and many leaders are willing to go that extra mile to help those who really need help to build their business. I am giving away a free ebook on How to Be Successful in Network Marketing to help people learn the basics. I believe training is very important for success and knowing what to say and how to say it is critical to your success. You also need a coach to show you step by step how to do it and to give you advice when you face challenges. There are no major challenges or risks because it is a simple business but for some people they still need help to do the basics right. When you start a business for $100 and get health supplements in return, tell me where is the risk? It is because of ignorance, misrepresentation and abuse of the system that cause people to see MLM in a negative way! I can see nothing wrong with MLM when you join the right company and do the business the right way. It is a simple, profitable, proven and tested home-based business without the headaches and heartaches of a conventional business. The chances of you succeeding is much higher than if you were to start a conventional business. The well known statistics for conventional business: 95% failed in the first five years and the 5% that survived will experience 95% failures in the next five years! The reality of an MLM business is that over 97% are smart consumers and part-timers and less than 3% are serious about earning serious income! I see it as the ultimate simple home-based business because it is able to help millions of people live a better life and most people can do it compared to other options. Here's a great tip for achieving success, be sincere, positive and willing to learn, there are no secrets to MLM success. For more information on online coaching and free ebook, go to: Feel free to share this article at your website or ezine as long as the following information about author and website is included. by Bruce Seah

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