Saturday, 9 February 2013

Nearly 100% of All Internet Marketers Fail - Will You? - Money Making Ideas

Lots of new companies experienced a huge succes on the Internet a few years ago, and everybody was excited about the "big dot com boom". But unfortunately, many of them went broke in the following "big dot com crash". So maybe you are feeling fearful about this whole Internet business? I'll tell you how you can lose out in a big way. And how you can avoid this happening. But first, a little story to show you how important this lesson actually is. And let's see if you can find the secret ingredients to success contained in here: One and a half years ago, I was becoming very tired due to having too much work. Not only that, but I'd lost several court cases (because of a lousy lawyer) and ended up owing a large amount of money. So, even though my work paid off very handsomely each month, in many cases the debts outweighed this income many times over; and I could see fees being added to my debts every single day. So I decided to give up some of my work on a domain that paid very well, but also took me about 5-10 hours of work every week. I knew from experience that this domain would pay around $1,000 per month from ads around Christmas time, and a little less for the remainder of the year, so I put it up for sale for no less than $12,000. I wrote to several people whom I considered to be wholehearted business men. I also wrote to my own lists and offered them this domain. I told them that it would probably continue to bring in this income for a few more years (maybe even longer) and that it wouldn't demand any work from them. Nobody even made me an offer! So I kept the domain, but stopped working on it. Today, it no longer gives me $1,000 per month just prior to Christmas. It now gives me $1,500 per month. And, before Easter, it ran totally amok and poured out more than $2,200 for a single month. With absolutely no work from me at all! In fact, I had just left the site as it was a year and a half ago. Is that crazy - or what? Can you see the unseen secret that makes the difference between failure and success? It's "taking action". You won't be guaranteed a 100% success rate, but there is only one way to find out. So take action now. Maybe you're mistaken, but so what? At least you tried. And if you're not mistaken? Well, you'll make money. What is really nice about making business online is that you don't need to make big investsments. It's perfectly possible to start out for free, if you find the right money making ideas. by Britt Malka

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