Tuesday, 26 August 2003

From the Sportspage - Maybe You Should Dust Off Your Nepotism Policy

I always like it when we can learn something from the sportspage as it is just one more justification for reading it. In today's world it is where many of the legal oriented stories are found. Dennis Lee's workforce.com article on the importance of nepotism, or more accurately anti-nepotism, policies uses recent collegiate scandals as proof. One only need recite the several instances of coaches hiring their sons, with resultant problems, to get Dr. Lee's point, which is a good one. Closer to home, and going back a few years and one national championship ago, were the problems of the revered Coach Gus of the UT baseball program.

Update: Since I rarely think of nepotism, funny that I should run across two articles in one day. Here from Inc. magazine, a review of a book which takes a different view on the subject than Professor Lee. Actually, it seems as if they are talking about two different issues. Professor Lee about nepotism within an existing organization, and Adam Bellow's, In Praise of Nepotism about family businesses so they are not necessarily contradicting points of view.

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