Friday, 29 August 2003

Not Exactly A Million Dollar Verdict, But the Money Is Still Green

Since this was a determination by a judge, not a jury, wouldn't be quite right to call it a million dollar verdict, however Sharon Pollard probably won't mind. Yesterday, the case the Supreme Court used to clarify that front pay awards do not count against the Title VII damages cap, Pollard v. DuPont(U.S. 2001) [pdf] was back in district court. She was there for a hearing on the issue of punitive damages, following a ruling by the District Court that duPont was also liable for intentional infliction of emotional distress which has no caps. The amount of damages, before punitive damages is $2.25 million. Check out the story at Of course, as Ms. Pollard already knows, you can't spend a judgment, but still today she is no doubt smiling.

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